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Your Questions Answered

At Beautiful Baby Club, the complete satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below to get the information you’re looking for. Contact us with any other thoughts or questions.

What is Wax Print fabric and Ankara style fashion

African Wax Print Fabric (also known as ‘Ankara’ in West Africa and ‘Kitenge’ in East Africa) were first produced in Indonesia.

West African soldiers, who were serving in Indonesia in the 1800’s, started to import the fabrics into Africa. Later, European traders replicated the fabrics using modern machinery, particularly the Dutch who are one of the main producers of the fabrics today.


The method of producing African wax print fabric is called batic. The designs are printed onto the cloth using wax before dye is applied to add usually 2 or 3 colours. The crackling effect displayed on the cloth is caused by the wax-resist dyeing technique.

Features & Benefits

The 100% cotton cloth keeps you cool in hot climates and warm in cold climates. The colourful, vibrant and bold prints are fun to wear and make you feel good. Wearing modern African print clothing can make you stand out in the crowd. Be unique, be different and add some colour to your life!

Hidden Meanings

Wax print fabrics are associated with African culture because of their tribal patterns and motifs. Each design and colour can reflect local traditions and symbols such as the tribal, marriage and social status of the wearer. Some African women use them as a non verbal way of communication.


All Dresses come with side straps to adjust waist fitting.


All jumpers and rompers are perfect for any growing baby or toddler as the upper portion is all elastic and the legs are wide fitting and there is elastic at the foot. The legs can be rolled up- romper style or worn all the way to the ankle like a jumper. The jumpers are dual sided meaning there is no front or back and can be worn on either side. 



What’s going on with the African Textile Industry and how can we help support?

The African textile mills are closing and skilled, local workers are losing their jobs because they are unable to compete with cheaper and largely counterfeit, Chinese imports typically sold at nearly half the price!

Many are purchasing the copied Chinese fabrics over the ‘real’ African produced fabrics because of their price which is understandable due to our current economic state.

Some of the Chinese fabrics copy the African textile mills’ trademarks and logos on the stickers and say they are made in an African country for sales to the masses. However, the quality and colour  of the Chinese fabrics are inferior to the authentic African fabrics. 

Until more is done by the African Government to stop the imports of counterfeit fabrics at ports of entry, The Beautiful Baby Club wants to spread awareness and educate all of our customers and followers on how this is affecting Africa on a Global scale & the designs of African textile mills will continue to be copied and exploited.

How do I care for my clothes?

The safest and best way is to hand wash them in cold or lukewarm water. If you have to use a washing machine, wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and skip the spin cycle

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Where can we purchase your book?

Available on Amazon (click link above to be taken directly to amazon site)  or purchase a signed copy on our site.


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