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Founded in 2018 in New Orleans, La. by Arianne Early and Thomas Roque, Beautiful Baby Club offers ethically sourced children’s clothing and fabrics from Senegal, West Africa. The clothing line emerged from the children’s book The Beautiful Baby Club written by Roque and illustrated by Early.


Our environment shapes who we are, including the clothes we wear and the media we consume. We aim to create a space for young black and brown children to immerse themselves in a world that features clothing, books, and other visual media that mirror their own lived experiences and likenesses. Additionally, we hope to widen that space to include children of all backgrounds to collectively enjoy our products and celebrate diversity.



Our core commitment is shaping a world in which the citizenry is compassionate towards others regardless of our differences. We firmly believe this can be accomplished through exposing children to clothing, books, and games that reflect who they are and sharing their humanity with the world

Partnerships and Impact

The vast majority (about 80%) of our clothing is made in Dakar, Senegal, with the remainder being produced in New Orleans, La.

The textiles industry in West Africa is steadily growing, though it is being hampered by foreign competitors flooding the market with lesser quality goods sold at a fraction of the price, hurting the financial prospects of clothing manufacturers and merchants.

Your support of The Beautiful Baby Club will help drive the textile and clothing industries in West Africa, increasing industrialization and benefiting marginalized groups such as women and children. Most importantly, we want our customers to feel good about their support of The Beautiful Baby Club and the positive impact it will have.


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